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Technical Lead at the Office of CTO at Guidehouse / Machine Learning Instructor / O'Reilly Author of On-Demand Course TensorFlow Deep Dive
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The Nondeterministic Hot Dog Problem

The Nondeterministic Hot Dog Problem

Plus cloud native databases, data lineage, and burrito command

Will Data Go Cloud Native?

Will Data Go Cloud Native?

The tools and platforms that data professionals use.

The Polar Vortex of 2014 is Still Changing How We Use Energy

The Polar Vortex of 2014 is Still Changing How We Use Energy

2014 vortex changes to capacity markets

Moving to a DevSecOps Framework

Moving to a DevSecOps Framework

How to make the cultural shift.

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Oritseweyinmi Henry A., Student
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Careervira Course Review

This program has been everything and more for me so far! I have done a few other MOOC's in the past that have been great but Udacity takes it to the next level!

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Mark, Course Lounge
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Best Udacity Nanodegrees and Courses 2023

"This is among the best Udacity nanodegrees and specializations to pave your way to an ML engineer position in any industry of your liking."

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Giullaume Payen, Student
Medium: Udacity Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Course

"Brilliant course proposed by Udacity!
I’m glad I could follow this course, because there is a lot here that I know I can reuse in my daily work with my datas science teams."

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Medium: Review of Udacity Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree with AWS SageMaker

“I learned a lot about some great use cases and problem domains from the Machine learning area. The course structure and content are very well aligned with real-life projects and necessary skills. I only wish I had taken it more seriously from the beginning, so that it did not take as long as it did to finish it.”

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ML Tut, Student

"The structure of the course was well organized. All the instructors were experienced and their way of teaching was very clear. Another thing that I liked about this Nanodegree program was its method of teaching."

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Is the Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree from Udacity worth it?
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Looking for an Expert on Cancel Culture?

 Evan brings best practice guidance, real-world takeaways, and solutions that can be immediately put into practice within your business and community.

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Coming Soon: Machine Learning in TensorFlow

The Cancel Culture Curse is a groundbreaking book that defines the core elements of this modern-day phenomenon and makes a convincing case against it. The book provides a playbook for rebounding from public shame, helping readers avoid becoming the latest targets of “cancel vultures,” who enjoy picking apart the remains of those left to die on the side of the Internet highway.

"Why do philosophy majors like Charles Landau do so well in the data/programming space? They understand abstractions. Specifically, the subfield of philosophy called Metaphysics/Ontology deals with the nature or essence of being. Within a domain, what are the fundamental objects and their relationships? What abstractions can we use to classify them? This maps very nicely into the software space where we are not only manipulating objects, algorithms, and data, but we are creating new ones that work within our larger system."

Carlos Brown

Data Scientist, Freelance

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